my name is eden i'm 17 and this is my recovery journey from anorexia nervosa, severe anxiety, depression and self harm addiction. im overly obsessed with cats, coffee and taylor swift always here to share, help and inspire

"everything happens for a reason"


Finding Happiness

Morning of exam iced brewed coffee frap in my fave mug 😻☕️
Thank god my exam isn’t in chemistry because I don’t know how to explain how there’s so much foam in it yet no milk 😂
I’ll have to do that next year though 😔
Vanilla soy ice cream for dessert after yoga class 🍦💕
Having my fist VCE exam tomorrow (the reason of how inactive I am lately 😂) and I’m freaking the fuck out! 😬
Wish me luck xx
Today was a happy day 😄

At times things get so hard that relapse seems inevitable.


its hard to be attractive when youre not

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