my name is eden i'm 17 and this is my recovery journey from anorexia nervosa, severe anxiety, depression and self harm addiction. im overly obsessed with cats, coffee and taylor swift always here to share, help and inspire

"everything happens for a reason"


Finding Happiness
Anonymous said: You're doing great! You look healthy and so much happier now!

I replied:

Aww thank you 😊❤️

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Being a badass and kicking anorexias butt 👊👊👊

First unmeasured lunch since ip (6momths) !!!
I can’t believe I’m doing this HOLY SHIT
I’m so scared!! I haven’t measured or calculated anything in this! Not even the bread!!!
I’m going to have this at school which is even scarier
I can’t believe I’m doing this 😰😱😰😱

Today I’m going to try to eat without obsessively measuring my food and calorie counting. This is soooo scary and I’m really anxious but I have to fight this because calories will not control me!

Scales 😓
Obsessed ❤️
Because I don’t give a shit about your fearfoods ED 👊