my name is eden i'm 17 and this is my recovery journey from anorexia nervosa, severe anxiety, depression and self harm addiction. im overly obsessed with cats, coffee and taylor swift always here to share, help and inspire

"everything happens for a reason"


Finding Happiness
4 months self harm free and never going back 👊
Sometimes I wear clothes that aren’t trackies 🙊☀️

"I hate that anorexia was never my fault but now it is my responsibility to overcome it."

Best coffee EVER
It came with a biscuit that 2 tiny birds that were sitting on my table decided to steal 😂🐥
So cute!!
Sometimes I miss this 😪

Love coming back to all of your amazing messages! Thank you everyone ❤️
Anonymous said: It gets easier but then hard again but then even easier still and it will keep swinging that way for a long time but for every hard time you push through eventually the swings get less extreme. But every time you give in to your anxieties it makes it so much harder... Stay strong and keep faith! There's so much better waiting for you, I know you've got this xx

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my therapist taught me to start thinking of my anxiety as my panicky friend
it’s working???

this is so cute omg

Woah this is super useful!!

For all my anxious friends out there.

This totally works! Some of us get stuck in the sense that we *are* our emotions, so they overwhelm us and we can’t do anything about them. When you give your emotion an identity separate from you, it gives you the distance to make better judgments about it, and to comfort yourself better. 10/10 therapy veterans would recommend.